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Germany Song: A song Daniel wrote at a show in Germany 364 kb .wav 92 kb .rm
Girlfriends: Is sc dating anyone? 511 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
A gift from Everclear: A thoughtful gift from Everclear 1.46MB .wav 183 kb .rm
Greensleeves: Daniel playing at a concert 497 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
Hair?:The last time Daniel washed his hair 235 kb .wav 33 kb .rm
Dickheads: If they accepted their ARIA awards themselves... 83 kb .wav 11 kb .rm
Hearing: Daniel doesn't car if he can hear! 190 kb .wav 27 kb .rm
Oh, you're so dumb!: Just download this, it's funny! 785 kb .wav 49 kb .rm
Intro to Tomorrow: Another special intro! 96 kb .wav 27 kb .rm
Do you like rave music: Kind of self-explanitory 112 kb .wav 17 kb .rm
No swearing!: If I said this to my mum I'd die! 280 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Venues: sc's opinions on venue sizes 397 kb .wav 97 kb .rm
Rave music: More about rave music 818 kb .wav 102 kb .rm
Reses Peanut Butter Crap: About candy that sc likes 280 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Rock: About the kind of music sc plays 314 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
Record Sales: Wow... they've got awhile to go 586 kb .wav 76 kb .rm
Getting sick of touring?: Well listen to find out! 250 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
Spank: GUITAR ABUSE!!! 156 kb .wav 22 kb .rm
Intro to the Spin Sessions: Please listen to it 571 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Why silverchair?: A fun story for the whole family 558 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Art nude?: A funny sc/everclear tour story! .98MB .wav 124 kb .rm
Tea: Daniel and his chest of tea 135 kb .wav 11 kb .rm
Telly: Daniel only watches Neighbours, REALLY! 362 kb .wav 49 kb .rm
Tony Iommi: Tony Iommi is onstage 87 kb .wav 22 kb .rm
Tree Moshers: Congrats to the tree mosher! 289 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
USA Moshers: About how weird American mosh pits are 389 kb .wav 49 kb .rm
The Party Bus: The speedy party bus! 330 kb .wav 43 kb .rm
Sex with Ben: All you have to do is say something cool 376 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
For your love: Daniel's babbles onstage 878 kb .wav 85 kb .rm
Experimentation: sc's sexual exploration 804 kb .wav 79 kb .rm
Israel's Son live: Daniel does a bit of improv 563 kb .wav 55 kb .rm
Hot gigs: Daniel's comments at a hot show 79 kb .wav 8 kb .rm
Left-handed: sc plays with a 70's guitar hero 695 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Liar: Daniel just keeps the lies coming 646 kb .wav 63 kb .rm
Boredom: About Ben's obsession with breasts 588 kb .wav 57 kb .rm
Born To Suck Dick: sc covers Local H 892 kb .wav 87 kb .rm
Tomorrow live: Daniel is lost! 378 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
Paranoid: Daniel makes up some lyrics of his own 269 kb .wav 28 kb .rm
Topic: What Daniel likes to sing about when he forgets lyrics 297 kb .wav 30 kb .rm
Guitar pick: A fight breaks out in the crowd for Daniel's pick 674 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
Poor cat!: Daniel's song about Ben's pet cat 1.28MB .wav 127 kb .rm
Schlong: Daniel makes up more lyrics for Tomorrow 275 kb .wav 28 kb .rm
Sweat: If you're not sweating by now, you're a freak 548 kb .wav 53 kb .rm
Suck your toenails: The things that silverchair songs make you do 388 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
Tomorrow: A birthday edition performance 421 kb .wav 111 kb .rm
The "Yes" speech: Daniel the peacher 2.21MB .wav 217 kb .rm
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