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The ARIA's: The mishaps that happened when sc played at the ARIA's 861 kb .wav 108 kb .ra
Breasts: The REAL reason sc tour 649 kb .wav 81 kb .rm
Tons of chicks: Or maybe not, click to listen 614 kb .wav 75 kb .rm
Chris's Girlfriend: The interviewer gives Chris some tips 262 kb .wav 33 kb .rm
The Industry: Learn about what Daniel thinks of it 293 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
Chick-puller: How Gillies acts/acted at gigs! 864 kb .wav 108 kb .rm
Fruiter: What Daniel's going to be doing 376 kb .wav 49 kb .rm
Bob's Lost!: The interviewer disappeared! 452 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
Imitation: Hear a pathetic attempt at Daniel by their interviewer 197 kb .wav 27 kb .rm
Tutors: Find out about silverchair's old tutor 584 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
Mr. Wild Man: Ben's a chick-puller 560 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
More moshing: The differences between mosh pits 483 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
Lyrics: Ben clears up any confusion 290 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
Meeting: The exciting story behind it! 197 kb .wav 27 kb .rm
Neighbours: Daniel shows his love 258 kb .wav 33 kb .rm
Or Girl!: Daniel is politically correct 289 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
Reebok: Ben does an endorsement 496 kb .wav 65 kb .rm
silverchair's rehearsals: A knowledge of sarcasm required 719 kb .wav 87 kb .rm
Influences: Ben and Daniel argue 801 kb .wav 97 kb .rm
Silence: You have to feel band for the interviewer 249 kb .wav 33 kb .rm
Happy Record!: Freak Show's real purpose 339 kb .wav 43 kb .rm
Led Zeppelin: Daniels's confession that he was in the band 359 kb .wav 43 kb .rm
Fffff.. Stuff you: Daniel catches himself 601 kb .wav 76 kb .rm
*Beep*: Daniel DOESN'T catch himself this time 478 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
Bottle: Daniel tries to forget about getting hit 685 kb .wav 86 kb .rm
Frogs: sc has a collection of frogs 779 kb .wav 97 kb .rm
Tobin: Why he's not in the band anymore 806 kb .wav 97 kb .rm
Tour dates: But listen to Daniel's giggle 176 kb .wav 22 kb .rm
Tea: The whole story behind Daniel's tea quote 210 kb .wav 27 kb .rm
Advice: Advice to aspiring musicians 472 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
Ammonia: An introduction for the band 458 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
The future: Where Daniel sees the band in the future 200 kb .wav 54 kb .rm
Ben's experiences: Out-of-body experiences, just listen! 486 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
CLICK HERE!: sc's secret for selling records 295 kb .wav 38 kb .rm
MMMBop: Daniel's opinion on boy bands 733 kb .wav 92 kb .rm
Bras: What Daniel knows about bras 677 kb .wav 87 kb .rm
CDs: Learn about sc's CD collection 577 kb .wav 70 kb .rm
America: The band's extensive knowledge of American cities 673 kb .wav 81 kb .rm
Roller coasters: The first thing sc did in the States 437 kb .wav 54 kb .rm
Dumb: Ben's opinion about Daniel 407 kb .wav 54 kb .rm
Epic: Listen for the description of Watson 665 kb .wav 81 kb .rm
Equipment: An exclusive list of sc's equipment 359 kb .wav 43 kb .rm
I Felt Like It: The VERY FIRST silverchair song! 718 kb .wav 87 kb .rm
Fluids: How to stay healthy on tour 378 kb .wav 49 kb .rm
Toilets: The way they flush around the world 1.21MB .wav 151 kb .rm
frogstomp: More about Watson's taste in music 455 kb .wav 60 kb .rm
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