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Tommy Lang- Iowan DJ

This page is dedicated to Tommy Lang, the best DJ at the best radio station in all of Iowa, 94.1 KRNA. He's so damn cool.... I love him! He's radass! He plays kick ass music, he's an overall cool kind of guy! He also does a good job of covering his ass when he does something wrong (such as today when he called a local bar Gay Malones)! I think I call in too much and request silverchair a lot because when I call in he knows who I am *woohoo*. Now... I know what all of you must be thinking, "DAMN IT NICOLE, I NEED A PICTURE TO GO ALONG WITH THIS AWESOME DESCRIPTION OF THIS REALLY COOL GUY!!!!" Okay okay... don't wet yourselves over it... sheesh!

Mr. Awesome Himself!

There! Now, you think I'm the only person who loves Tommy? Well, you are very very wrong! There are others like me... oh yes... and here is my proof!!!! I hope you enjoyed this page, and you can e-mail Tommy telling how cool he sounds! OH yes! I mustn't forget to metion his excellent work he did on the KRNA webpage! (that is until they got a new webmaster) Now don't you just love him? Don't you? Well if you don't you need some serious help because there is no reason NOT to like him!