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Silver Story _____"Ha ha ha, very funny Johnsy," Ben said sarcasitcally as Daniel approached.
_____"It was funny!" Daniel laughed.
_____"Yep, it was pretty funny Ben. You should have seen it! It was HILARIOUS!" said Louise.
_____"I thought it was funny too," Chrissy said.
_____"Well I didn't," Ben said, looking at the faint red spot where the frisbee hit him. Sweep licked his hand, as if saying "I'm sorry".
_____"Awww! How cute was that?" Anne said, petting Sweep's head. "Sweep is so cute, Daniel! No wonder you love her so much!"
_____"He takes that bloody dog EVERYWHERE!" Ben said. "He'd probably take that dog on tour if we weren't so busy already!"
_____Just then, a raindrop hit Louise in the head. Then another did. "Hey guys, does anyone else feel that rain?" she asked.
_____"I do," Chrissy replied. "I didn't think it was going to be rainy until later!"
_____"Well the weather man said that it wasn't going to rain until it was dark! Shows how much he knows!" Ben said.
_____Chelsea ran up the beach, looking around. She spotted the group and ran towards them, carrying all of her stuff. When she got there, she said, "Hey guys. Are you leaving soon? Because all of my friends just left because it's gonna rain really hard soon."
_____"I suppose we should go. I don't feel like being in the rain today," Anne said.