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Silver Story _____"Hello," asked Chris when he picked up the phone.
_____"Hey Chris. Is Louise there?" asked one of Louise's friends.
_____"Yeah, hold on a sec," Chris said and tossed the phone at his sister. Since his sister wasn't expecting it it startled her when it landed in her lap. "Phone," Chris said, laughing. He went back to watching TV.
_____After a bit Louise hung up the phone. "In the mood for a little trip to the beach?" she asked him.
_____"Why? You going?"
_____"Yeah. Wanna come with? You can even bring some friends. Wow, aren't I being generous? So you comin?"
_____"Sure, why not? When ya leaving?"
_____"Oh, I dunno. They said they'd be here in half an hour but you never know with my friends. They're either early or late, so just whenever."
_____"Okay. Wait wait, why am I going if you're going with your friends and I'm bringing friends? We can't fit that many people in one car!"
_____"Exactally. You and me and whoever you're bringing have to ride in our car. k?"
_____"Yeah, that's cool with me. I'm driving though."
_____"Okay, whatever. Just get ready, okay?"
_____"Dont worry, I'll be ready," he said, and picked up the phone and dialed Ben's number.
_____"Hello?" asked Ben.
_____"Hey Ben! It's Chris. You wanna go to the beach with me and Louise and her friends? And possibly Daniel?"
_____"Ummmm, sure! When are you going?"
_____"Well Louise's friends said they'd be here in 30 minutes, but they're never on time. I'll come to get you in 40 min though. K?"
_____"Yeah, that's cool with me. I'll be ready"
_____"Okay. I'll see ya then, okay?"
_____"Yeah, later!"


_____"Daniel PLEASE??????" Chelsea asked her older brother.
_____"Chelsea, I already told you I don't wanna take you today! Maybe tomorrow!" Daniel said.
_____"But that's what you said YESTERDAY!"
_____"Daniel, just drop her off and pick her up in a couple of hours!" Julie yelled from the other room where she was trying to read.
_____"But Mum! I don't want to! I'm watching tele! I can't leave until this movie is over and by then it will be too late! Why doesn't Heath take her?" Daniel said.
_____"Heath went to Adam's house." Julie said. "Go take Sweep to the beach! Play around with her! Just take you sister to the beach!"
_____Daniel rolled his eyes and sighed. Just then the phone rang, so he reached around Sweep and picked it up. "Hello?"
_____"Dan! It's Chris. You wanna go to the beach with me and Louise and her friends and Ben?" said Chris.
_____"Sure. Can we fit Chelsea into the car? She wants me to take her to the beach and mum's making me."
_____"Yeah. She'll get the 5th seat."
_____"You suppose I can take Sweep too?"
_____"Dan, you take that dog EVERYWHERE!! Can't you leave her at home?"
_____"Well I could, but I really don't want to."
_____"Fine fiiine, bring her. She's sitting on you until we get to the beach though!"
_____"I dun care! When you guys gonna be here?"
_____"'Bout 40 minutes now. I'll get Ben then come pick you and Chels up. Sound good?"
_____"Yeah! That's cool! See ya then!"
_____"Okay! Later!"
_____"Who was that?" asked Chelsea.
_____"That was Chris," Daniel said. "We're going to the beach, so you've got a ride now. So you should call you friends and tell them you're going or whatever. And be ready in 40 minutes because that's when Chris is gonna be here."
_____"AHH! We're goin' to the beach?!"
_____"Yeah! You'd better start getting ready because when Chris gets here we're leaving and we aren't gonna wait."
_____"Oh I'll be ready! Don't worry!" said Chelsea as she ran to her room to get ready.


_____Chris parked his car beside Lousie's friend's car and everyone got out. The beach wasn't totally full because it was a bit cloudy, but it had of people of all ages. Immediatly Chelsea spotted her group of friends and ran off with them. Everyone else walked off onto the beach and put out all of their stuff. They all sat down once their towels were layed out to decide what they were going to do.
_____"How about we go in the water?" asked Ben.
_____"Sure! That sounds good to me! It's pretty warm for being overcast!" said Louise. _____"Not me! I'm going to stay back and play with Sweep!" Daniel said while searching through his bag. After a few seconds he smiled and pulled out a frisbee. "Okay Sweep, you ready?" Daniel asked. He recieved a small bark for a reply. He found a part of the beach where there weren't many people and threw the frisbee. Sweep ran after it and caught it. She ran it back to Daniel. While she was running back she past a terrified little girl and her dad. The little girl froze when she saw Sweep, apperentally afraid of dogs. Her father just picked her up so she wouldn't be as scared. By that time, Sweep had made it to Daniel, so Daniel took the frisbee, and threw it for Sweep again.

_____"Ah! Nooo!" were Ben's last words before Louise's friend, Anne, managed to push him into the water. He decided to have fun so he rolled around in the water for a bit.
_____"Nice job, Anne!" Chris said while laughing. "How's the water, Ben?" Then Ben started to laugh. "Huh? What's funny?" said Chris, and before anyone could answer, Chrissy, another one of Louise's friends, pushed Chris into the water.
_____"Haha! Chris got it too!" teased Ben.
_____"Ahhh! This is colder than I thought it would be!" said Chris. He stood up and got out quickly, leaving Ben in the water all alone. Since it was so lonely down there, he decided to get up.
_____"Oh Anne! Thanks for pushing me in the water," Ben said, and run up to her and gave her a hug, getting her all wet.
_____"Oh, no problem Ben!" said Anne, holding back a laugh, while Chris dumped a handful of sand on Ben, which stuck to him everywhere. He looked so funny after that, she couldn't help but burst out laughing, and so did Chris, Louise, and Chrissy.
_____"Hahaha, verrry funny Chris," Ben said. But then he just couldn't help it and he started laughing too.
_____"AH! WATCH OUT BEN!" Louise yelled. Ben started to turn around but got hit with a frisbee.
_____"Hey! What is this? Gang up on Ben day?" Ben asked while rubbing his side where he got hit. Sweet suddenly appeared and scooped up the frisbee and started running back. Ben followed her path with his eyes and it ended where Daniel was standing laughing his ass off. He tried to start walking over to Ben but he couldn't and fell down on his knees laughing. Finally, after awhile, he managed to control his laughing and walk over to everyone.