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Silver Story _____One day, while practicing in Ben's garage, Daniel broke one of his strings, one of which he didn't have an extra to.
_____"AWWW FUCK!!!" Daniel yelled.
_____"Shit! Now what are we gonna do?" Ben asked.
_____"I guess we'll have to wait until I can get a new string," Daniel said.
_____So... about a week later... they got his string fixed, and Daniel made sure he had extra's of everything he needed JUST IN CASE! But when he was at the music store, Chelsea was playing with Sweep in the front yard and Sweep ran around and Chelsea lost her. She was miserable! She knew that Daniel would NOT be happy with her! Daniel loved Sweep more than ANYTHING she could possibly think of. She was so scared she ran over to one of her friends houses and stayed there for awhile.
_____In the meantime, Daniel got home he was looking around for Sweep and couldn't find her anywhere!
_____He ran inside and asked where she was, and when he found out that she had ran away he was crushed! He locked himself into his room for 3 hours. Then he thought to himself, "What good is it just sitting on my ass? I should go out and look for her!"
_____With that he picked up his phone, and dialed Ben. "Hey Gilly, will you help me look for Sweep? She ran away!"
_____"Sure thing! Where do you want me to look?"
_____"Just anywhere you think she might have gone. Maybe check by the pool or something. Before you leave could you call Chris and ask him to look too? If you find her, take her back to my house and go and get me, alright? I'm going to start out now, thanks for helping! We *HAVE* to find her!" After that, Johnsy spent 2 hours driving around town, and the only reason he stopped is because he ran out of gas and it was pitch black outside. When he came back he was close to tears. He couldn't believe Sweep was really gone!
_____All of a sudden, he heard a familar sound. A VERY familar sound. After a bit he figured it out. "SWEEP!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed
_____Sweep came racing to the front door and jumped on Daniel so hard he got knocked over. "SWEEP!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!! Where did you go?!?!?! Don't EVER do that again you hear? Never!!!!!"
_____Ben walked down from the Johns's porch. "No problem for finding her man, she was right down the street from my house!"
_____"Really? I searched all over and I didn't find her!"
_____"Well, at least you have her now"
_____"Yeah! Where is Chris man? I thought you guys went looking together!"
_____"Naw man, I couldn't get ahold of Chris. I think he's writing some more of his punk songs"
_____Daniel laughed. "Yeah probably, the last few he's written I didn't think were actually all that bad! I reckon he's getting better"
_____"Yeah, me too. Listen, I'm beat! I got up heaps early to go surf, so I'm going to go crash, I'll talk to you later, alright?"
_____"Sure, I'll see you at practice tomorrow"

_____In the middle of the night, Chris snaps awake to the sound of his phone ringing. Sleeply, he picks up the the phone and says "Hello?"
_____"Chris! Get over here quick!!!!"
_____"Daniel? What's going on? Why are you calling at this time of night?!?!??!"
_____"I'm at Ben's! I just got here! He isn't waking up!!!! I don't know what happened but no one else is here and he didn't wake up when I called so I decided to check on him! FUCK!!! Get over here NOW!!!"
"Okay! I'll be over as soon as possible!" After that, Chris hung up, threw some clothes on, and sped to Ben's house. When he got there, he threw the door open and ran inside and to Ben's room where he found Daniel pacing and Ben laying on the floor.
_____"What is wrong?!??! What happened?" asked Chris
_____"I don't know! Let's get him into the hospital! Quick! Help me carry him out to the car!" said Daniel.
_____Together, Chris and Daniel managed to get Ben out to Chris's car. Daniel hopped into the drivers seat with Chris in shotgun and the rushed to the hospital. About halfway there, Chris leaned over the seat to check on Ben. As soon as he leaned over the seat, Daniel pulled over to the edge of the road and Ben sat up and screamed, "APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!" and snapped a picture of the look on Chris's face. After that he and Daniel went into a fit of laughter, laughing so hard they were crying.
_____"What do you mean April Fools? It's not even April yet!!!" Chris yelled over their hysterical laughter.
_____After 5 minutes Ben and Daniel got ahold of themselves and managed to stop laughing... well, aside from the occasinal giggle when they remembered the look on his face.
_____"No, you are wrong! It *IS* April TODAY! It's actually 2 AM on April 1! We got you so bad!" laughed Daniel, then he looked at Ben and they started laughing again.
_____"Oh man! That was so mean! I was so worried!!!" Chris said.
_____"You should have seen the look on your face!!! IT WAS CLASSIC!!" said Ben. "I even got a picture! We have to make heaps of copies of this!"
_____"If you do I willl burn them all! I will! Don't test me damnit!"
_____"But we would still have the negatives!!!" giggled Ben.
_____"Damnit you guys! How could you do that to me? I was so worried about Ben!"
_____"I know... but it was perfect... the setup... the execution.. PERFECT!!!! God, it couldn't have gone any better" Daniel said