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Survey #8 Results

Survey #8 Results

When it comes to silverchair and politics, things are split pretty evenly. 7 people thought that the chair is more liberal, and 7 people thought they were more conservative.

Some of you people have some pretty cool sc stuff. The coolest thing someone said they had was a sc pillow. Other things were a selfmade shirt, selfmade poster, Tomorrow EP, Freak Box, and the LAS keyring handed out with issue #11.

I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ALBUM! The best title/artwork someone thought might be cool was "Just Buy This" with a picture of the group begging and looking sad. Another cool one was that someone thought Daniel might draw something cartoonish for the cover.

Who would have guessed? 13 people thought that of the members of sc, Chris would be the best driver. Daniel and Ben were tied for 2nd with one vote each.

If any of the group members were going to grow back their old hair, you thought Daniel would be most likely, with 10 votes. Ben had 3 votes, and you must have thought Chris never wanted bedhead again, because he got no votes.

As for posters, only one person didn't have any. 5 people have 8 or more, 2 had 5-7, 3 had 3-4, and 4 had 1 or 2.

When it comes to the amout of CDs, the majority of people who took the survey said that Ben had the most CDs, closely followed by Daniel. Last, but not least, was Chris, who got a lonely 1 vote.