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Survey #7 Results

Survey #7 Results

Of the people that took this survey, the majority get mad when someone says how bad they think silverchair is. But the rest of you are pretty cool with it and think people can have their own opinions, even if they don't agree with yours, you still accept them.

There must be a HELL of a lot of silverchair pictures out there. Even though it wasn't a choice, 2 people said 10% of there room is covered with sc stuff. Then one each for 25, 50 and 100%. Everyone else says it's about 75% of their room.

Let's hope Daniel never decides to run for public office! You gave him some PRETTYYYY wild slogans! Some highlights are "Vote Vegan!", "Vote for me or I'll beat the shit outta you.. actually I probably wouldn't be able to so vote for me or Ben and Chris will beat the shit outta you", and "Vote for me fucker!"

Potty training= a nice subject, eh? According to what people who took the survey thought, they all got potty trained around the same time, but in the actual order, it went Daniel, Chris, Ben.

Pooooor poor Chris! If what the survey results tell me are true, then he's got some pretty scrict parents! Next would be Daniel, then Ben. Only one person thought Ben's parents were strict!

Yay for the Freak Box! 9 of you say yes, you have it. For everyone reading this who does have it, let us have pity for the 4 people who took the survey who don't have the privlage of the Freak Box.

Last, I asked who did you think would be most likely to go through college. This question was really a toughie, because they could all go through with their own talents. Ben didn't get any votes though! Most of you think Chris would be most likely to go through, then Daniel.