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Survey #6 Results

Survey #6 Results

I'm so proud! 16 people said "HELL YES!!!" when I asked if you were going to buy silverchair's next album! I can't wait for it! I know it will be awhile until it comes, BUT I CAN'T WAIT! 1 person said probably, 1 said maybe, and one said hell no. (WHAT THE HELL?!?!?)

Man... Daniel NEVER gets dehydrated if what you say is true! 4 people said you think he drinks 2 bottles of water a day, 2 said he drinks 3 a day. 2 said 4 bottles a day. Then 12 more said he drinks at LEAST 5 a day! That's a HEAP of water!

You guys are all cruel to Chris! I got a lot of good slogans he could use if he ran for President. My favourite was "Vote for me because Ben thinks I have a big dick", followed closely by "Aww... c'mon... vote for me... c'mon guys!!". There were other ones that were really cool too!

According to you, Ben's room is a PIT!!! 16 people thought that he had the messiest room, and tied for a distant second were Chris and Daniel, both with 2 votes.

Daniel Johns: pink boy. Nooo, just kidding! It's a joke! No nasty e-mails please! 12 people think that Daniel likes pink the most out of the group. Tied for 2nd were Ben and Chris, each with three votes.

Wow! When it comes to frogstomp singles, everyone was split PERFECTLY! 10 people said they didn't have any, and 10 people said they did have at least one!

Ewww, don't you hate pop music? Well, if what you say is true, then Ben doesn't think so. 12 people say you think he'd like pop music the most. Chris came in second with 5 votes, and then Daniel came in with 3 votes. This one I kinda predicted.