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Survey #5 Results

Survey #5 Results

Well! It seems most of you 'chair fans have faith in our main bass man, Chris Joannou. The majority of people think that Chris will have written one of the songs on the new album! Let's hope he gets at least 1 track!

Well well well, you all seemed torn about Daniels hair, but in the end you think that Daniel couldn't part with his lovely locks, just cut them short. The next lot of you think he'll do it, but there are people who think he will never cut it short or shave it. (Note: His hair is shortish right now)

I got some interesting slogans Ben could use if he ever ran for Prime Minister or President or whatever. My personal favourite was "Vote for Ben, He's a ten!" followed ever so closely by "A vote for Ben is a guarenteed lay"

Poor Chris! Only one person thought the No More Bedhead Silk Pillow Case. I thought it was a good idea! You seem to think Daniel's Veggie Soup would do a lot better, but you thought that overall, Ben's Drummer Strenght Deodarant would win in the stores.

Wow! Nobody thought that Chris would make a good looking woman. He just doesn't seem like the feminine type. The rest of the votes went to Ben and Daniel, and Ben actually only got 1 of those votes! Seems you all think Daniel would make a pretty sexy lady!

Animals are awesome! The best! Animals that got votes were llamas, dogs, cats, and other, which i assume is mostly made up of people who love frogs, because hey, frogs are way awesome!!