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Survey #4 Results

Survey #4 Results

Poor poor Chris! The majority of people taking the survey thought that he was somtimes left out. Second place was yes, he feels left out and coming in third with only 2 votes was that he doesnt.

Ben the buff drummer boy!!! You guys seem to think he's pretty well built! Coming in second was Chris, and our scrawny Daniel came in last with *1* vote! =P I bet he'd be saying "Stuff you! Hey, i've been going to the gym! Wanna see me flex?"

Daniel writes pretty meaningful lyrics. The song with the most votes was Faultline. Second was all songs. Other mentions include: Suicidal Dream, Untitled, Learn To Hate, Nobody Came, Pop Song, Israel's Son, Findaway, No Association, The Closing, Petrol & Chlorine, and Abuse Me

WARNING TO WOMEN! Stay away from Ben! He was voted sc member most likely to be married more than all others! The warning also goes out to men too! Daniel came in a DISTANT second and Chris a loyal third.

You all see to think that Daniel is really talented, because you said he was most likely to have a solo career after sc breaks up *knock on wood* Second was Ben, and third came in third with no votes! (Poor guy)

You all have some sick minds you know? But that can be a good thing! =) Ben would have some interesting nicknames if it were up to you. It was a invent your own type thing and only one name got nominated more than once, HotGuy69! =P Other interesting nicks are "Ben the banger", "Big Ben", and "SeX_MaChInE"

YAY! The majority of 'chair fans that took my survey have heard one of the best songs of all time, UNTITLED! =)