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Survey #3 Results

Survey #3 Results

Well... apparently you guys think that Daniel is the bad guy of the group, 'cos you thought he got grounded the most. Ben came in a close second, only one vote off, while poor Chris was alone with only one vote!

It seems that most of you relate to Daniel more than Chris or Ben. Again, Ben was second and Chris was third. But Chris got two votes this time! =) Yay! He's moving up in this world!

Well, all but 2 of you think Ben is addicted to the Internet... he must be looking for someone to cyber with him! =P Daniel and Chris tied for second coming in with one vote apiece.

Everyone seemed to think that if sc hadn't used Tomorrow in the Pick Me contest, that another song that could have won it for them is Israel's Son. Faultline was also mentioned, but a lot of people say any song would have done the trick.

For what you love the most, people were really split, but alas, silverchair stayed on top, with the net and chocolate coming in second, and my pooooor lovely potatoes came in a sad last with only one vote! =(