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Survey #2 Results

Survey #2 Results

For concerts... only person has actually gone to 10 or more! YAY YOU! The most common number *sadly* 0. Other numbers were 1, 2 and 3!

There were a variety of reasons people like sc. Common ones were obvious ones. Examples... music rocks, can relate, they make me happy, soooo good and so close my age, they inspire me, they stick to their music.

There are a heap of people who have liked silverchair for a heap of different times! A lot of people less than a year... and a few 1-4 years.. and then we had two long time chairfan's who have stuck with sc for a reaaaally long time!

Most everyone seems to think that Daniel likes to get tattoos and pierced without anesthetic. More people than people who thought so with our ever-so-punk Ben! And poor Chris! Nooooobody believes that he's really a rebel inside!

Only two people said they had some really neat stuff. The first was someone who had a corkboard with a whole bunch of sc stuff on it, and other said that they had 3 stuffed frogs with their names on them! How cool is that?

Okie, when I had the free backstage passes thing, two people said they would faint, and another two said that they didn't believe me. But there was an overwhelming amount of potato lovers! AND THAT PROVES MY POINT! POTATOES ARE THE BEST FOOOOOD! They are so diverse!