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Survey #1 Results

Survey Results

Here are the results for the first ever survey!!!! If you are thinking "HOW COULD THAT BE THAT ANSWER?!?!?!" Well.... to fix that... just go TAKE the damn survey so it will turn out better eh? yeah! That's what I thought!!!!

For favorite member... the most votes went to can't choose.. and Daniel and Ben tied for second... with Chris feeling lonely in 3rd with no votes.

For favorite frogstomp song, Israel's Son came out on top. The only other vote-getters were Faultline, Leave Me Out, and Undecided.

Off of Freak Show... one song barely one... the only song getting more than one vote... and it was The Door! The other vote-getters were Abuse Me, No Association, Cemetery, Roses, and Nobody Came.

For any other song that was the 'chairs, Punk Song #2 won it easy. Only 4 other songs got votes, and those were the Freak Remix, Blind, Acid Rain and Spawn.

Out of all people that took the survey, a whole ONE person had an sc page of their own! I would have thought more would!!!!! Obviously some of you I told to take the survey either lied or you didn't take it! I'm ashamed!!!!

Now, for the favorite words! I got some great answers. Heaps of people seem to think that both Chris and Ben like fuck too, also there were loser and clever. The best answer I got though, was date. For Ben, date as in anyone want one, and Chris as in get Ben one!

Thanks to the whole *8* people who took the survey! And for those of you that didn't take it, don't feel bad! You can take that survey right now and feel good about it!