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Ben Quotes, Chris Quotes, Daniel Quotes, Group Quotes

Ben Quotes

"Was it a wet dream Chris?"
"You are violating the Gillies Cyber-System"
"Daniel Johns, the smallest left arm in history"
"Maybe more towards the hip-hop kind of rave music" -when asked what silverchair will be playing in 2 years
"No no, you tried to, but man I BROKE you!" -about Art beating him up

Chris Quotes

"I did one in my dream last night" -when asked about doing a concert naked.
"If you're talking about sex, then you'd better be talking about using latex condoms" -on the ever-famous condom commercial
"Hello America"
"There's this big guy at the show going RRRROOAAWWW" -about moshers from the states
"We'll let you think that" -about everclear beating up silverchair
"My vocal chords only allow me 2 hours

Daniel Quotes

"This is our number one worldwide grunge hit........ I forget how it starts."
"I'm not going to swear because my mum told me not to say fuck. My mum said to me, she says, 'Don't swear because NO ONE'S impressed by the word fuck'. You know what I say? I say FUCK YOU MUM!!! No, just kidding. It was just a joke. We're still friends"
"I'm from, Germany, I smoke, lot's of pot, and attend regular concerts" -a song he made up for fans at a show in Germany
"It'll be the new sensation sweeping the nation"
"Reeces Peanut Butter crap"
"That didn't really happen, we just thought we'd answer the question with something good"
"Our toilets just suck"

Group Quotes

"It's just, two guitars, and drums," -Ben. "I thought it was a guitar a BASS and drums?" -Daniel. "Ohhhh shut up!" -Ben