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Ben Gillies
Full name: Benjamin David Gillies
DOB: October 24, 1979
Instrument: Drums
Pets: none
Family: Father- David, Mother- Annette, Sister- Kristy

* Ben was/is sex crazed. Just had to get that out in the open.
* silverchair practice in a loft in Ben's garage.
* He's got the Internet.
* Ben used to be in advanced maths until sc started to tour and all.
* He still surfs.
* He lives near a makeout spot.
* He used to play the trumpet in grade school.
* He has written all of the music to a few of sc's songs.
* Once had a mohawk.
* Listens to techno-ish music.
* If you type 5317719 into a calculator and turn it upside-down it says Gillies
* At one time had the nickname "Short Elvis".
* Was in a marching band called the "Marching Koalas".
* Taught Chris to play bass.
* Got his head shaved with nail clippers while drunk on bourbon.
* Has become quite the cook for his family lately.
* Has, on more than one occasion, worn a bra at a concert.
* Is very inspired by John Bohnam of Led Zeppelin.
* Wasn't allowed to do interviews with Daniel for awhile.
* Once, he was going to jump through his bass drum after a concert. Unforunatly for him, the stage person forgot to put the slit in his drum, so he ended up just hitting his head and falling down.
* Plays shirtless at most gigs.
* Can play guitar and bass.
* Threw up on Blink 182's manager.