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About the Abuser
About The Abuser

Hi all! I can't believe you came here! Or did you follow the wrong link? Oh that MUST be it! Here, click here to get back to the main page! Now, if you really meant to click on this link, then read on!

This is me <---- that's me! SO, I guess the first thing I'll tell you about me is just regular stuff. I love silverchair sooo much! They mean a lot to me. I spend the majority of my time doing something related to them. I love the Internet. I love my computer. I love singing. I sing possibly more than anything else I do. You can listen to me singing here if you think your ears can handle it. No... I'm just kidding, I'm not really that bad and some people have told me I'm good. I do a lot of musical stuff. I like more artsy stuff than I do scientific stuff or physical stuff. I write a lot.

Now... for some more serious stuff. I have some very very strong opinions. Of course, there is my opinion on sc, that they kick ass. But really, politically, I've taken like, quizzes and junk.. and they say that I am liberal. Actually... not only liberal but far left liberal. For people who don't know what that means, I am pro-choice for aborition, and am for gay rights. I really can't tell you about my opinion on the death penalty because I don't know much about it.

I have a heap of friends. My friends and family mean so much to me. I won't even try to name them because I'd just babble on even more than I am now!

I love listening to the radio! The best station is very easily 94.1 KRNA. It's really awesome and all of the DJ's are great! They play awesome music too! My favourite DJ is Tommy Lang who airs from sometime in the afternoon to 6 pm. He's the best! I have a tribute page for him, which you can visit by following this link. Anyone in or around Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, Iowa tune it! You won't be sorry!

Now, you wanna know how to communicate with me? Well... you could mail me.... at Also, I have ICQ, and my UIN is 2916589. Or, you may be able to catch me on AOL IM, where my screen name is FreakAbusr. Oh yes, I'm on IRC too. Try or, where I'm abuser!